Parish History

The beginning of the History of the Church land of Tagore Nagar dates back to 1902. At the beginning, the land about 10 acres comprising of Tagore Nagar, Jeevanandhapuram, was bought by the Catholic Diocese from some Catholics who lived in the first decade of the 20th Century.

Vinoba Nagar (known as Pakkamudayanpet) and St. Paulpet from Nellithope Parish and Thattanchavady from Reddiyarpalayam Parish were  added to Tagore Nagar Parish to form New Parish. 

St. Joseph’s Church at Vinoba Nagar, St. Paul The Hermit Church at St. Paulpet , Fatima Church at Thattanchavady were already existing.

Nearly 5 acres of Church land was occupied by the people of Jeevanandhapuram. They refused to vacate . The diocese decided to sell each plot for Rs.500/- In the diocese, they decided to built a church and erect a Parish to protect the remaining land.

Eventually the erection of the Holy Spirit Church at Tagore Nagar took place in 1973,and Fr.A.M.Gnanapragasam was appointed as visiting Parish Priest. In 1974 Fr. Inniah was officially appointed the first Parish Priest of Tagore Nagar. In1974 the first Parish Church (with Asbestos roofing) was built and in 1975, the presbytery (ground floor) was built. In 1982 May 4th a small renovated Chapel was built and inaugurated by the then Parish Priest (Fr. Inniah).

On 15th June 1982, 2 Salesians arrived at Holy Spirit Church, Tagore Nagar. 

On 24th August 1982, the Holy Spirit Church was entrusted to the Salesians of Don Bosco permanently with 3 Substations and 4500 Catholics. Tagore Nagar, Vinoba Nagar, Thattanchavady and St. Paulpet were officially given by Most Rev. Dr. V.S. Selvanather, the Archbishop of Pondy-Cuddalore to Fr. Benjamin Puthotta the Salesian Provincial. Fr. Joseph Antony Irudayaraj was the first Salesian Parish Priest of the Holy Spirit Church at Tagore Nagar.

Developmental works in the Parish

Deveopment history


1984- June 18th  The Opening of Don Bosco Primary School – with 3 thatched class rooms.

1985- May 25th  Don Bosco Social Service Centre opened which served as 4 Class Rooms and Tailoring and Typewriting Institutes

1985- August Don Bosco Boy’s Home – Started functioning as a separate institution

1986- Jan 1st  Typewriting and Tailoring Institute began

1986- Dominic Savio Primary School began at Thattanchavady.

1987 -The Foundation stone laid for a new church at Vinoba Nagar

1989- The Don Bosco Primary School was upgraded into Middle School

1989- The Don Bosco School Recognition as Don Bosco High School

1994- June 1st Vinoba Nagar Sub-station was made into separate parish and handed over to the Archdiocese.

1994- Oct 3rd The new Don Bosco Mat. School Building was Blessed.

1997 -DB Mat. School was upgraded into DB Mat. Hr.Sec.School.

1997- Thattanchavdy–Dominic Savio Primary School was raised to Middle 


1998- June 20th  Fatima Church at Thattanchavady was Newly constructed and Blessed.

1999- Anbiams were started in the Parish.

2000- Sept 5th  The New Don Bosco School building – Jubilee Block was blessed 

2001- Works began for the Construction of a new Church of Holy Spirit at  Tagore Nagar

2002- Don Bosco Transit School began at Jeevanandhapuram.

2003- June 15th  The new church of Holy Spirit Tagore Nagar was blessed.

2004- June Don Bosco Hr. Sec. School was made into Co-Ed School.

2005- May 12th  The Cemetery Land for Holy Spirit Tagore Nagar was bought near the Air Port

2005 - July 10th  Thattanchavady Sub-station was made into a separate Parish and handed over to the Archdiocese.

2006- Feb 16th Don Bosco in India Centenary celebration was held in Pondy region.

2007-May 24th Chennai Province perpetual profession function held in Tagore Nagar Parish.

2007 -June 15th  Newly constructed Niches in the church were Blessed. 

2007- June 25th Don Bosco School building’s second floor was Blessed.

2007- Aug 24th Silver Jubilee of Salesian Presence in Puducherry at Tagore Nagar Parish/Silver Jubilee Memorial to Don Bosco Blessed.

2007 -Dec 25th New Pews (60) were Furnished in church.

2008 -Aug 03rd Major Breakdown of Electrical Installation in church.

2008- Aug 26th Church closed for ceiling leakage repair & new open electrical installation works.

2009- Mar 05th Ten day’s mission by OFM (Cap) priests was organized in Parish. 18th – 20th Jun 2010 Special Retreat by Chalakudi (potta) Divine Group was conducted.

2010- July 24th Foundation Stone was laid  to New Chapel at St.Paulpet (Sub-Station)

2011- Jan 31st Blessing of the Foundation Stone for the School Savio Hall. 

2011-Feb 16th  Blessing of the new Compound Wall for the Cemetry

2011- May 10th Blessing of the Newly Constructed church at St. Paulpet

2011-Nov 9th Arrival of the casket containing the Holy Relic of St. John Bosco.

2011-Nov 9th Blessing the foundation stone to the new Belfry of the Church by Most Rev. Dr. Micheal Augustine ( Former Archbishop of Pondy – Cuddalore)

2013- March 30th  Blessing of the new Belfry

2013- Nov. 29th   Blessing of the Dominic Savio Hall – School Building.

2015- March 3rd  Inauguration of the Don Bosco Evening study centre Building at St. Paulpet 

2015- May 6th  The DBYC renovated Hall near the Presbytery was blessed.

2015- June The Completion of the New Laboratories near Savio Hall

2015- June The roofing of the Shed in the church campus near the Compound wall

2015- June The Construction of the cycle shed behind Savio Hall and along the Church Compound wall.

2015- October The Cemetery area was made clean- roads were made- the individual cemetery was marked.

2016- March The Concrete pavement blocks were laid in front of the church.

2017- March- Focus lights- platforms- carpets- separate sound system for programmes for outside church where provided. 

2018- April- Tailoring Institute was altered. New way was opened for bus. New toilets where constructed.